Diabetic Nerve Pain

Diabetic nerve pain is a complication of type 1 and 2 diabetes caused by nerve damage due to prolonged high blood sugar levels. This nerve pain affects patients differently; some have mild symptoms, and others experience debilitating pain.

Diabetic Nerve Pain Facts

Diabetic nerve pain can be separated into four different types: Peripheral Neuropathy, Proximal Neuropathy, Focal Neuropathy, and Autonomic Neuropathy. Let’s look at these closer.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy – Peripheral neuropathy is a result of damaged nerves on the outside (Peripheral) of the brain and spinal cord, also known as the peripheral nerves. This affects the feet, legs, arms, and hands.
  • Proximal Neuropathy – Proximal neuropathy is caused by damage to the lumbosacral plexus nerves; the supplier of nerves to the hips, buttocks, thighs, and legs.
  • Autonomic Neuropathy – Autonomic neuropathy is caused by damage to the autonomic nerves, which keeps our organ system – eye sight, digestion, breathing, exc – functioning properly.
  • Focal Neuropathy – Focal neuropathy is the least common form of diabetic neuropathy, and affects a single set of nerves, most typically in the legs, upper body or head.

Risk Factors of Diabetic Nerve Pain

  • Difficulty managing blood sugar levels
  • Being overweight
  • Those with high blood pressure and/or cholesterol
  • Those over the age of 40

When to See the Doctor

Early diagnosis is key to controlling the progression of diabetic nerve pain, therefore if you notice any of the symptoms above please call and schedule an appointment right away. Those with diabetes, particularly type 2, usually have other health complications, and diabetic neuropathy symptoms can be confused with symptoms of other condition. Dr Sobarzo has extensive experience with treating this type of pain, so don’t be shy about mentioning your concerns.

Diabetic Nerve Pain Symptoms

Symptoms will vary depending on what nerves are affected, but most common symptoms of diabetic nerve pain include:

  • Burning or tingling sensation in a specific area
  • Dizziness
  • Double vision
  • Muscle weakness
  • Numbness
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Isolated pain
  • Difficulty focusing

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