Expert Pain Relief
in Katy, Texas

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Expert Pain Relief
in Katy, Texas
Non-Surgical, Safe and Proven Solutions to Treat Pain Caused by Peripheral Neuropathy and Other Challenging Diseases.
Our friendly bilingual team led by Dr. Arturo Sobarzo, is ready to help you achieve long-term pain relief so you can enjoy life again!

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Providing Specialized Pain
Care in Katy, Texas

Pain Treatment Focused On Relieving Pain & Symptoms While Restoring Function




Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment for Pain and Discomfort
Associated with Neuropathy, Radiculopathy and Sciatica.
Symptoms May Include:

Back Pain

Upper, mid and lower back pain that makes daily activities difficult.


Loss of feeling in your arms, legs hands or feet.

Prickling / Tingling

Painful prickling and tingling in your arms, legs hands or feet. Uncomfortable sensations of ‘pins and needles’.

Sharp Electric Pain

Sharp, shooting, burning, or stabbing pains in your extremities, sometimes feeling like an electrical shock and is often worse at night.

Burning Pain

Slow burning and heat feeling in your hands and feet.

Cramping & Discomfort

Muscle aches, pain, cramping. or general discomfort throughout the body.


In any of your extremities.

Hurts to Walk

Trouble walking, moving your feet, being mobile, and moving around on your own.

Balance Problems

Feeling off balance. Not being able to stand for long periods of time. Not quite feeling like yourself.

Diabetic Nerve Pain

Pain caused by diabetes can impact the nerves and cause Neuropathy. This pain can come at any time and last for days, months or

Restless Leg

Inability to stop moving your legs or other extremities. Unwanted movement and pain in the legs.


Inflammation, stiffness and pain in your joints. Arthritis can impact almost any part of the body.

What People Are Saying

I have been a patient of Dr Sobarzo since 2015. He found the reasons ‘why’ I was in pain. He coordinated and managed my care to get me to where I am today! I am forever grateful for his care and benevolence. He is very knowledgeable and informative and he takes the time to explain things in detail. I hope to find where he is practicing now since he left the clinic in Humble. I followed him there from Memorial despite the long distance just so he could provide continuity in my care. I have been having changes in my health condition and have recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I just wish I could continue to see him as a patient wherever he is at.

Dec 09, 2020

Shannon Rossi

Dr. Sobarzo treated me for several years and every appointment he would listen to my issues and adjust my plan as needed for my Psoriatic Arthritis and lower back pain. I wish I could find his new practice and follow him!

Dec 07, 2020

R. García Remmert

He is one of the best Pain Specialist in town I have come across, diligent, informative, assertive with excellent bed manners, I would highly recommend him.

Apr 30, 2020

Diana Velarde

He spent over 30 minutes with me explaining in detail what is causing my back pain and went over my MRI with me. I was very impressed with how thorough he was with everything. Very happy with my dr.

Dec 26, 2019

I have had back pain for many years and seen several doctors for my problem. I was very discouraged, and, quite frankly, scared by the decline in my ability to perform daily activities. Dr. Sobarzo is an answer to my prayers. He spent 45 minutes examining me performing various tests and concluded…

Apr 12, 2019

Terri Paynter in Katy